Project Description

DC City Center will be a model for responsible, environmentally sensitive multi-use development. Located on 10-acres, DC City Center creates 3 pedestrian city blocks and will include seven buildings, a park, a plaza, and three entrances to an underground parking garage. There will be 295,000 feet of retail space, 458 apartments, 216 condominiums, and 515,000 square feet of commercial office space.

The partnership of AIW and Continental Construction played a major role in the structural steel framing as well as the installation of metal grating, custom fabricated metal hand rails, and steel decking. AIW was specifically selected because of their design and development expertise in the area of specialty metals fabrication and installation. Hand crafted decorative metal fabrications and stainless steel doors and frames are just a few of the items that make AIW a leader in the industry.

LOCATION: Washington, DC