Project Description

The Marc/AMTRAK Halethorpe Station project presented a unique opportunity for AIW to fabricate and install a 35 Ton steel Pedestrian Bridge over operational Amtrak rail lines. Shutting off the electricity completely (and therefore the entire AMTRAK Northeast corridor) was not an option. Careful planning and close coordination with many different parties resulted in a successful middle-of-the-night, 500 Ton crane lift that safely erected the 80 foot long bridge without any delay to scheduled train traffic. The tight clearances between previously erected structural steel towers had been designed and 3D modeled to ensure a hand-in-glove fit.

In addition to the Structural Steel Bridge and Stair/Elevator Towers, AIW made the canopies for the 1400 lineal feet of elevated commuter platforms, as well as over 3000 feet of custom made sloping galvanized fence at the platforms, ramps and retaining walls. The aluminum expanded metal panels which decorate the east and west towers were also fabricated by AIW and installed under the AIW/ Continental Construction partnership.

LOCATION: Halethorpe, MD