Comprising a wide array of manufactured metal products including staircases, canopies, catwalks, railings, walkways, fire escapes, guardrails and others that are generally attached to the structural steel, SMP is a diverse segment with extensive applications on building projects of all types. SMP represents AIW’s widest-selling product segment and has been a component of virtually every project that AIW has completed.

Certain offerings in the SMP portfolio are relatively standardized; however, extensive experience in this segment has allowed AIW to develop specialized knowledge, providing a distinct advantage for your project. Building codes such as the IBC and BOCA have legislated much of the shape, width and characteristics of staircases, walkways and other components intended to accommodate the passage of building occupants. In addition, because SMP components are primarily functional in nature, there are similar design elements on the majority of projects. Having successfully, and repeatedly, executed these components over a period of decades, AIW has developed considerable institutional know-how, specialized design “fine-tuning” and best practices. Due to this inherent predictability of design and AIW’s deep experience in executing SMP components, AIW has developed an innovative, standardized system.


Ornamental metals consist of exposed, finished metalwork intended for decorative and “monumental” purposes, such as large canopies, ornaments, embellishments, cladding and other similar items. Ornamental projects cover a range of specialty materials such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, copper, etc. AIW is unique among competitors in offering Ornamental metalwork in concert with structural steel, which is indicative of the flexibility and versatility of AIW’s manufacturing platform. No other provider Ornamental metals has the capability to execute the structural components of a project. AIW has decades of experience with Ornamental metal; over the past three years, nearly 77% of our projects have included Ornamental metals.

All of AIW’s ornamental work is paired with a SMP component, and ornamental features in a project are often fitted to the existing and newly manufactured SMP metal or the concrete structure. Because ornamental metals are based on custom design, creativity and skill in manufacturing are critical to the process.

Ornamental metals require specialized experience to design and manufacture. The materials and conceptual layout of the decorative portion of a project are often specified relatively broadly and proper execution depends almost entirely on the skill and creativity of the manufacturer. Often, a project’s relative degree of difficulty is primarily a result of the complex decorative and ornamental design. AIW leverages its expertise in engineering and manufacturing to devise creative solutions to the broad design concepts in the project drawings. AIW’s established reputation for “getting things done” is due in large part to its successful track record in developing creative implementation for conceptually-based ornamental project specifications.


Structural steel is the primary support for the overall structure. From structural project drawings, AIW’s design team creates detailed shop drawings of the individual components and integrates the finished component design into the 3D BIM project model. The component drawings are revised further per the 3D BIM analysis and manufactured by AIW personnel at its manufacturing facilities. AIW’s ability to provide the full suite of metals products and manage the design and execution of all the connection points continues to provide a significant and compelling value-added benefit for the project owners and general contractors.

Manufacturing structural steel components requires a high degree of accuracy in design and execution. Each part is custom manufactured to precise specifications. As building architecture becomes more complicated, the structural steel framework takes on a greater amount of characteristics unique to the project.