We take great pride as AIW enters its 65th year of business in the fact that we are the nation’s premiere provider of manufactured metals for the construction industry. Our goal has been to create successful partnerships with the country’s largest contractors in order to craft the highest quality, most complex projects. Our systems are modern, featuring fully BIM compliant 3D modeling. Our office and plant personnel are highly trained, professional and experienced. Our company is certified by the AISC (the ISO for the construction industry) for both manufacturing and installation. Our installation force, which includes hundreds of people, makes any project time frame possible. We have successfully delivered dozens of LEED projects.

AIW frequently partners on Design/Build projects where our design expertise can save owners considerable money. Our pledge is to exceed expectations and gain trust through exceptional performance. This isn’t a hollow mantra at AIW—it permeates everyone’s attitude.

AIW works smartly and safely. Our dedicated safety professionals and outside auditors ensure that no unnecessary risk is taken, and they strive everyday to send our people home the way they came to work. Safety is paramount—our workers are our family.

In today’s troubling times, AIW continues to operate debt-free and posseses a bonding program in excess of $120,000,000. With two plants operating, AIW is perfectly situated to tackle any project. Today we mentor five minority owned firms, striving constantly to help them grow into sustainable businesses. We offer our employees excellent benefits and suffer little attrition. One family has had three generations work at AIW.

I’m impressed by the company our dedicated people have created. Why should we be on your next project? Why should you consider paying more for our services? Quite simply, we are worth it.