AIW is the established leader for complex specialty metal manufacturing and installation services in its core market. AIW has leveraged a strong combination of a bundled service package, specialized production know-how, leading technological expertise, entrenched customer relationships and flexible production facilities into a leadership position in specialty metals and structural steel manufacturing. Marketing to owners and general contractors in commercial, government, education and healthcare segments, AIW occupies the #1 market position in all core product lines. As a one-stop shop for specialty metal components, AIW gives customers flexibility as they look to find solutions over the course of projects. On large, complicated assignments, owners and general contractors can work with a partner with multiple capabilities, rather than work with three separate parties for the various metalwork disciplines and spend significant time managing the communications between them. AIW’s multi-discipline approach adds value for customers by helping to manage the process of coordinating the metalwork and providing a single point of contact for metal-related issues.


AIW is well positioned to perform work for you. We have excess capacity, the best systems, and the finest personnel. AIW operates multiple manufacturing plants, accomplishing many goals including:

  • Efficient access to a wider market footprint
  • Efficient shipping access enabling more cost-effective pre-manufacturing
  • Efficient staging of erection operations to prevent union erectors from travelling unnecessarily
  • Access to multiple sources of skilled manufacturing personnel


Technical Expertise in Process and Design: AIW’s engineering team is skilled at collaboration, sharing information and improving processes within manufacturing. AIW is fully BIM and LEED compliant.

Established, Blue-Chip Customer Relationships: AIW has cultivated extremely strong, long-standing relationships with blue-chip customers operating nationwide. AIW has completed more than 100 projects over the past four years, approximately 90% of which represent repeat customers over a number of years.

Technological Superiority: AIW has made a substantial investment in an advanced software packages that enables project managers and engineers to create three-dimensional models of planned structures in order to assist with the integration of metals services product segments and the creation of shop drawings.

Fully Integrated and Standardized Manufacturing Capabilities: AIW’s manufacturing facilities are fully integrated and capable of performing all manufacturing processes in-house, from inspection of raw materials to coating the finished product . AIW’s integrated approach limits dependence of suppliers and subcontractors and ensures both a consistent standard of quality, and an ability to meet critical dates throughout the building process. From the engineering phase to the final product, every aspect is performed in-house.