AIW, Inc., is the leading integrated manufacturer of highly-engineered, custom-manufactured building products and provider of installation services for specialty metals and structural steel in the Washington, DC, Metropolitan region. AIW provides its products and services to national customers for complex, Class A building projects in several major metropolitan markets in the United States. AIW manufactures and installs specialty components in three primary and complementary product segments – Specialty Metal Products (“SMP”), Ornamental Metals and Structural Steel – making AIW a one-stop shop for customers and distinguishing AIW from more limited competitors. AIW is highly active in both new buildings and renovation markets and has significant excess operational capacity so no job is too big, or too fast-track.

AIW has become the clear market leader in its core product lines by taking an innovative approach to its operations. AIW’s innovative operations form the core of its value-added to the projects, as the standardized production process drives lower costs, consistent quality and shortened lead times. AIW’s customers prefer the predictable quality and simplified scheduling of AIW’s product offering.

AIW has successfully and clearly differentiated itself from competitors by developing a diverse and extensive set of capabilities in specialty metals manufacturing and targeting projects requiring dynamic combinations of its product segments. AIW’s core product offering includes: SMP, which include supplemental support systems, custom elements, staircases, railings and window frames; Ornamental Metals, comprising polished decorative metals, large monuments and other exposed cladding; and extremely complex structural steel. AIW provides these services as part of a packaged product offering.

Customers have a strong preference for AIW’s integrated approach, establishing AIW as a preferred supplier of custom manufactured materials for the most complex, time-sensitive projects. AIW’s value proposition centers on AIW’s ability to provide a full product line, addressing all metalworking needs within a project. By working with only one provider, customers limit the risk of scope disagreement between multiple parties. Customers working with AIW as a single metals manufacturer have often reduced contingency costs in their own budgets.