AIW remains strongly committed to excellence in Health, Safety, and Environment performance. We realize that many of our operations and products present potential risks to our people. Recognizing these risks is only part of our commitment to our employees, our customers, and our community.

The safety of our employees, customers, and community is at the core of our commitment to “send every worker home at the end of the day the same way they came in”. We manage the risks associated with our operations through a comprehensive HSE Program where every employee accepts safety as a job requirement, whether working in the office, fabrication shop, or on a construction site. Our commitment to the safety of our workers begins with leadership, commitment, and accountability. No one in our organization is more committed to safety than our President and CEO Savvas Savopoulos. He is totally committed to the Health and Safety of every employee. Over the course of the recent past, our Experience Modification Rating continues to decline. We have begun applying lessons learned from research efforts studying improved approaches to reduce and eliminate serious injuries and eliminate potential for fatalities. We have gained new insights into more effective strategies to prevent accidents by focusing our efforts on identifying the underlying causes associated with incidents and near misses that have the potential for serious outcomes.

In order that our HSE Program is effective, it must be a living document subject to revision and improvement as new technologies emerge. Investigative findings are retained, periodically analyzed to determine where improvements to practices, standards, procedures, or management systems are warranted and used as a basis for improvement. Internal assessments of our HSE Program are done completed a regular basis by our Safety Department. This assessment includes periodic Safety Audits of our jobsites, continuing education of our employees, and coaching and mentoring of all employees.

In summary, AIW holds the safety of our employees as a CORE VALUE, not a priority. Priorities will change, but core values remain constant and steadfast.

During the recent past, AIW has received recognition for both the Quality and Quantity of our work. AIW continues to maintain a strong working relationship with many of the area’s construction organizations.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Robert Hodge, Vice President of Environmental Safety and Health at 301-277-8444