AIW provides custom manufactured materials in three product segments – SMP, Ornamental Metals and Structural Steel. By integrating the production and design functions of core SMP and Ornamental segments, with complementary, high-value-added Structural Steel manufacturing and installation, AIW has positioned itself as a turnkey metal manufacturing and services provider for complex, high-profile building projects. AIW provides bundled services for any combination of its product segments and has developed the experience and flexibility within the organization to bid and accept projects regardless of mix. As a continuation of AIW’s turnkey service approach, AIW also operates an in-house erection team that allows AIW to provide service through the completion of the installation process.

AIW’s value proposition – A bundled services package drives cost savings and design efficiencies over a multi-vendor approach. Over the last three years, nearly 95% of AIW’s projects have involved more than one product segment. Due to integrated and cross-trained design and manufacturing teams, AIW has a high degree of flexibility in combining capabilities from two or three product lines into a comprehensive product offering for customers. All of the project scope is designed and manufactured at AIW facilities and installed by AIW’s in-house steel erection division.

AIW has established an identity among its customer base as a solution provider for complex projects. AIW targets bundled projects with extensive SMP and ornamental components and a high degree of product integration with the structural steel, to which AIW contributes its unique combination of standardized pricing, customized hand manufacturing, high-technology design and creative solutions. AIW has a reputation among the building community as the “go-to” contractor for complicated, unique or difficult jobs. AIW has a long track record of devising creative solutions in manufacturing, installation and materials that its customers have come to rely on. AIW is a trusted design partner for its customers, enabling its customers to outsource the design portion of the metalwork and focus on larger project issues.


Every project that AIW undertakes requires custom-ordered materials, which must be delivered within tight timeframes, making supplier relationships critical to continued success. AIW has established excellent, long-standing relationships with numerous leading suppliers of steel and specialty metals components. AIW places only project-specific orders for supplies on a “just-in-time” basis.

AIW’s vendor payment policies have established a “preferred status”. AIW has taken a prompt payment approach to suppliers, who are in turn willing to devote resources to custom orders, fast-track materials for AIW and commit hard-to-find materials to AIW over competitors.

Due to surety of supply and preferential delivery, AIW can meet much tighter project schedules than its competitors can. For your critical path project needs, you will value our speed of service.