AIW maintains a diverse customer base including many leading national players such as Clark Construction, Bovis Lend Lease, Turner Construction, Whiting-Turner Construction, Skanska, Balfour-Beatty, Hensel-Phelps, Schlosser Construction, Tishman Construction, Walsh Construction and Gilbane. With over 65 years of experience as a supplier of custom manufactured building materials, many of these relationships were established decades ago. AIW has developed relationships with numerous area property owners.

AIW differentiates itself from more limited competitors by combining extensive capabilities in specialty manufacturing with a full suite of metal services, including structural steel, to provide a complete solution for customers. By including structural steel manufacturing and installation services with its core product offering, AIW adds value to a project by undertaking all metalworking processes and ensuring proper and timely coordination in all phases of a project. Frequent disputes between single-service providers over the connection point or scope of responsibility between their respective assignments has resulted in project managers customarily building in contingency costs and extra time to the overall project. For example, a single-service structural steel contractor may neglect to include support steel for a planned staircase, causing a disagreement over who was responsible for that particular material, forcing the customer to bring closure to the issue. AIW can effectively eliminate these concerns by performing the full suite of services, each in close concert with the other.

AIW occupies a unique position in the market and offers a compelling value proposition to the projects. As the largest specialty metals manufacturer in its core market, AIW combines the flexibility and aggressiveness of a small manufacturer with the technological superiority and project capabilities of leading national building materials companies. Even though the metals package normally comprises only about 10% of the full project costs, it is critical to the overall timing and success of a project; the experience and quality of the metalwork manufacturing is of extremely high value relative to its cost. For this reason it is “worth it” to pay a little extra for AIW’s unique, full-service capabilities.


AIW supplies custom-manufactured building materials for complex, Class A projects in its chosen markets. AIW’s core geographic markets are top 20 metropolitan areas. AIW supports a wide variety of structures and project types for multiple public and private end uses, focusing on both new building and significant renovation work.

AIW’s flexible production platform enables AIW to concentrate resources and maintain maximum efficiency and productivity in a variety of market environments. AIW provides products and services to projects in a variety of end markets including government, education, healthcare and commercial.

Representative project and building types include:

  • Commercial: residential multifamily construction projects, hotels, commercial parking structures, retail space, office buildings and sports arenas
  • Government: office buildings, courthouses, post offices, military installations, museums and transportation infrastructure
  • Education: new buildings and renovation work on campus structures within major educational facilities
  • Healthcare: new buildings and renovation work on hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and other healthcare facilities