AIW’s manufactured metal components are vital products that lie on a project’s critical production path. AIW has a reputation for successfully completing difficult work on time and a “get things done”. This culture has helped AIW form deep, collaborative relationships with customers. AIW also leverages its superior engineering and modeling capabilities to identify opportunities for AIW to assist in refining the project design and help overcome issues. Due to its bundled service, one-stop shop approach and superior design flexibility, AIW is prepared to be your key design partner on complex projects.


AIW has established industry-leading supplier relationships which allow your projects to be built faster. Each project requires custom ordered specialty metals, which must be delivered within tight timeframes, making supplier relationships critical to success. AIW enjoys excellent, long-standing relationships with the strongest competitors in the steel and metals market. This strategy allows AIW to quote project start dates well ahead of competitors, creating additional momentum for projects and increasing AIW’s value proposition.


AIW has continually invested in leading computer technology, design software and top talent to enhance its value position. AIW uses dynamic, real-time, three-dimensional building information modeling (“BIM”) software to create a distinct advantage in design engineering. Proper utilization of this software requires a significant investment of time for necessary training. AIW was the first firm in its segment to use this software, and now maintains a cross-trained staff of highly experienced project engineers. AIW currently employs Tekla Strutures, SDS/2, AutoCAD, and others.

Most of AIW’s competitors in specialty metals and ornamental work have neither the scale nor the financial backing to justify the initial investment in a major three-dimensional modeling system. Consequently, AIW provides your projects a distinct advantage by creating detailed computer models displaying how the various metalwork disciplines are connected, leading to a greater understanding of potential challenges within the project. The smaller providers who do not offer structural steel capabilities in addition to specialty metals or ornamental work have difficulty providing these same services.


AIW’s highly skilled management team possesses, on average, over 25 years average industry experience and has successfully positioned AIW as the leading regional supplier of custom manufactured building materials. By combining metalworking disciplines and institutionalizing its processes, AIW’s Management Team has become a unique platform that has significant competitive advantages. In addition to its operational and strategic expertise, the individuals on the management team pride themselves on forming deep relationships with customers, driving home our commitment to quality and creativity.

Recruiting employees from around the world, AIW has built a highly skilled, well-trained and motivated workforce of hundreds of employees that forms a strong foundation for ongoing operational excellence. AIW searches for “Type A” individuals with character and experience. Shop-based employees engaged in design, manufacturing and finishing activities are not unionized, while the erection crews engaged in field installation are represented by various ironworkers unions.